Coaching = Accountability

When hiring a personal coach, you are gaining someone with an outside perspective who can help you analyze your goals and challenges and help you develop a tangible action plan. You are also gaining another very important thing: accountability. 

Accountability is a word that can carry strong emotion. Accountability may seem counterintuitive to the popular “to each his own” mindset that is prevalent in today’s culture. While it may sound scary to some, accountability can be an extremely powerful tool if it is used properly. It is a tool your coach will use to keep you on task with the action plan YOU created. A good coach will not only help you create a roadmap to achieve your goals, but he or she will also hold you accountable to that plan. They will ask you the hard questions each week to see if you are working toward YOUR plan and they will be there to help you course correct if you fall off track (something that happens to each of us at some point). 

Accountability will not only help you achieve the tasks at hand, but it will also help you develop a lifetime habit of self-discipline. Accountability from a coach helps you learn how to hold yourself accountable and to break unhealthy habits and thought patterns. This will carry you far beyond your coaching relationship and into every facet of your life.

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