Personal Development: The Gift to Yourself

Personal Development - The Gift to Yourself

Personal development is an important, yet an often overlooked, activity that is crucial to our personal and professional growth. I often catch myself being so consumed with daily life to the point where the mere thought of any type of personal development or self-help activity is exhausting. I often equate personal development to working out. I know it’s good for me, and I know I will benefit from it, I just have a hard time finding the motivation to get started. After all, those that daily to-do list and ever-growing email box isn’t going to take care of itself. If you’re in the same situation, try these three tips to help get you moving in the right direction. 

  1. Identify one specific area of development: We often get impatient and try to do too much at once, which often leads to burnout and frustration. I recommend picking one specific area where you want to further develop yourself. To kickstart your motivation, find a topic that you’re excited about. 
  2. Identify resources: We live in the golden age of information, so you will probably not have any problem finding the right resources. In fact, it may be a little overwhelming. provides great information on the books that are currently trending. As far as finding the books themselves, you can always search for them on Amazon. However, check your local library first. The library has become my go-to for most resources, and I have saved lots of money (and space in my home) in the process.  
  3. Make time: Okay, this is where many of us get tripped up. Our time is limited and we often find ourselves struggling with competing priorities. How much time are you spending watching TV or on social media? In many cases, our challenge is not lack of time but rather how we choose to spend the time we have. I would challenge you to examine the times you are spending on non-essential activities that do not develop you. There’s nothing wrong with checking your Instagram feed or getting caught up on your favorite TV show, just be careful not to let it overtake you. Use as much of this time as possible toward activities that will develop your mind, rather than filling it with what the media, advertisers, and modern culture want you to think about. Your commute to work is another great opportunity for personal development. Most of us spend lots of time in our cars going to and from work and other activities. Audio Books and Podcasts are a great way to help you develop yourself while on the go. 

Our actions are a direct result of our attitude, and our attitude is the output of what we are feeding into our minds. The best way to align our attitudes and actions is to feed our minds with content that is consistent with who we want to be. Our output is directly influenced by what we put into our minds. 

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