What Does a Coach Do?

That question is asked often in our industry. A coach can wear many hats and take on many forms, depending on the needs of his or her client. The most common personal coaches today are career coaches, life coaches, or fitness coaches. During my 10 years in management, I find that the best coaches are those who help others identify their passions, understand their potential, set goals, and push those under their charge to execute toward those goals. 

Coaches are not magicians, nor do we have the ability to immediately change your circumstances through secret Jedi mind tricks we learned at “coaching school”. If you want real change in your life, you have to do the work. You are responsible for your own success. Discipline and self-leadership are crucial. A career coach can’t automatically guarantee you land that dream job or get that sought-after promotion; we offer much more. A career coach or personal coach gives you the tools you need to succeed. A good coach will help you examine your life, priorities, and attitudes. We help you identify goals that will propel you to a fulfilling career. And we challenge you to commit yourself and lead a disciplined life. The benefits gained from coaching goes far beyond the achievement of a professional goal. It can lead to a disciplined mind and a lifestyle of personal accountability that can set you up for a lifetime of success. 

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