Steadfit Coaching | FAQ'S

1. What is your Professional Background?

I have worked in different industries during the course of my 20-year career: media, marketing, travel, and technology. During the past 10 years, I have managed a diverse team of operations professionals for a global technology company - leading people and projects in multiple countries.

2. What is your Educational Background?

I graduated from Liberty University in 1999 with a B.S. in Communications. I later returned to Liberty University and completed my MBA (specializing in leadership) in 2012.

3. What Does a Coach Do?

A good coach should help you identify goals and develop a strategy to meet those goals. In addition, coaches also encourage and provide accountability as you execute your strategy.

4.  Are you a Professional Counselor?

No. I do not have any background or license in counseling. If you are looking for help with any mental health or emotional challenges, please contact a licensed counselor or therapist in your area.

5.  Do you offer Email Support?

 Yes, all of our packages include email support between each session. We also offer an E-Coaching plan for those who strictly want to work with me through email.

6. How will our sessions be conducted (video, phone, etc)?

Technology gives us many options. I prefer video conferencing - it gives us a chance to benefit from non-verbal expressions that you can't get from a simple phone call. I can use whichever video chat format you are most familiar with - such as facetime, facebook messenger, whatsapp, or skype.

7. What is your refund policy?

If, at any time, you are not satisfied and would like to discontinue coaching, let us know and we will refund any remaining sessions you have on your coaching plan. Unfortunately, we cannot refund previous sessions.

Please see our Coaching Agreement here for more detail

8.  How can I contact you?

You can email us at Or you can contact us directly from our website using our contact form

9. Am I able to reschedule sessions?

We live in the real world and understand that things may come up. You can reschedule your sessions up to 48 hours prior to the session. 

Please see our Coaching Agreement here for more detail

10. What happens after I purchase a coaching plan?

Once you purchase your coaching plan, you will be directed to complete a client information form (if you are a new client). From there, you can schedule your first session through the session calendar and scheduler here.

PLEASE NOTE: Your credit card will not be billed until you have successfully completed the new client information form have scheduled your first session.